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We are the Indigenous people of the United Nuwaubian Nation. Our constitution, drawn up and drafted by our Commander and Chief, Consul General Malachi Z. York, is authentic and went into effect on June 26, 1992 A.D. Let it be known by any other people, nations, including the United States, that to violate our constitution is to violate, “THE DRAFTED DECLARATION OF THE RIGHTS OF INDIGENOUS PEOPLES  [E/Cn/Sub.2/1999/2Add. I (1994) Part VII Article 31 and 36.]

We declared and know that our Commander and Chief of the United Nuwaubian Nation, Consul General Dr. Malachi Z. York, officially began his mission on September 22, 1967 A.D. which was incorporated under the Islamic Mission of America Inc., charter date in 1944 A.D. by a Moor from Morocco named Shaikh Daoud Ahmed Faisal, to reclaim his rightful identity. Also, The Ansaarullah Community of the Islamic Mission of America Inc. was first chartered and established in 1970 A.D. in New York, USA, and the Nubian Islamic Hebrew Inc. was chartered and established in 1973, on May 17th in New York, USA, to utilize all the rights therein: WE AS NUWAUBIAN MOORS, HAVE THE INALIENABLE RIGHT TO MAKE ALL DECISIONS REGARDING OURSELVES. In accordance with the Moroccan Moor Treaty of Friendship and Amnesty of 1787 A.D. by the then ruler of Morocco, Sultan Sidi Muhammad Ibn Abdullah (Mohammed III, 1721-1790 A.D.), the ninth emperor of the Moroccan Hassanian Dynasty, and George Washington (1732-1799 A.D., which is backed by The Third Article in Section 2, “THE JUDICIAL POWER SHALL EXTEND ALL CASES, IN LAW AND EQUITY, ARRIVING UNDER THIS CONSTITUTION, THE LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES AND TREATIES MADE, OR WHICH SHALL BE MADE, UNDER THEIR AMNESTY.”

We, the people of the United Nuwaubian Nation:

1.  have our own constitution
2.  have our own flag
3.  had our own land
4.  have our own language (Nuwaupic)
5.  have our own dress
6.  have our own food
7.  have our own music
8.  perform our own birth ceremonies
9.  perform our own naming ceremonies
10. perform our own marriage ceremonies
11. perform our own funeral ceremonies
12 .educate our own children

 We had our own village until May 8, 2002 A.D., peacefully co-existing alongside the people in towns and neighboring communities by having open house for any and everyone to come and spend the day at our village/property. There were never any problems until a new sheriff, Howard Richard Sills took over. Up until then, there were no reports of incidents. It was even recorded in several media outlets that we were warm and polite to our visitors. (Read the article, Bassa Kingdom: Our Heritage and Legacy in our newsletter to learn more about our innate generosity and cordial spirit.)

Our land stretched 426 acres and contained replicas of beautiful statues, pyramids, obelisks, sphinx, deities, lakes, and gorgeous hillsides. It was a drug free, crime free, pleasant environment full of love, laughter, and fresh air. Fellow Nuwaubians who visited but had residences elsewhere, did not want to leave because of the peaceful and wholesome environment, however, on May 8, 2002, that all changed.

At 2:45 P.M. at the same time our Commander and Chief was being tortured and kidnapped, our land at 404 Shady Dale Road in Putnam County, GA was being raided by more than 300 heavily armed law enforcement officers, terrifying the elders, women, and children. Nuwaubian children were kidnapped by the government and examined without parental consent and returned five weeks later showing no signs of physical abuse.

Twenty-five FBI agents and Putnam County, GA officers violently attacked our chief’s vehicle and forced him and the other occupants out of it at a Kmart Shopping Center in Milledgeville, GA, USA.  He was thrown to the ground, hand cuffed and taken into custody and charged as Dwight D. York. (There is no such person as Dwight D. York)  During all this confusion, he was stating. “I am a Diplomat, I am a secured party, and I have diplomatic immunity” only to be ignored. He remains in custody to this day, August 11, 2011.

Media and the press did their best to convince the public that we were stockpiling weapons, albeit, there were no weapons found. The beautiful village belonging to the United Nuwaubian Nation was demolished and sold for $1.7 million. No real explanation has ever been given as to why the US District Judge Charles Ashley Royal ruled to allow government forfeiture of the land to proceed.

Although the case is still ongoing, we know that when this situation is looked at from an international level, the Nuwaubian people and our Commander and Chief Consul General Malachi Z. York will be vindicated of all charges and we, whose lineage is of the great Bassa Tribe, will continue to speak out against injustices just as our ancestors did. Our Commander and Chief as well as the entire world can be assured that we will forever hold our spears high, never flounder, waiver nor give up, and fight to the very end leaving no stone unturned, no road untraveled, no mountain unclimbed, no question unanswered until we have set the record straight and justice has been served. 

Our Mir, Khaf-Re #45, is located in Greenville, NC and is symbolic of the second highest pyramid of the three located in Giza, Egypt. Khaf-Re has two meanings: to transform; and He who comes into being.

Khaf-Re receives its vibrational waves from the Great Pyramid, the tallest, whose tones play and spread across the land to vibrate any structure or stone correctly tuned to location. Khaf-Re is precisely tuned through nature’s octave sounds and vibrates in perfect harmony with the Great Pyramid and the entire planet.

Vibration, or sound, was at one time the main entity on which all civilization based its existence. Gods and humans were developed with attributes and abilities able to be achieved by sound or vibrational technology. We have the ability to manifest powerful vibrations through our bodies, vibrations which impart outformation into us genetically and psychologically. “Those of our own genes speak to us from other abodes, so we must learn how to tune in on their same frequencies. In fact, life is nothing more than waves, sounds, light, or a form of illusion.” (For more outformation on “Tones, Sound, DNA, Molecules, Vibrational Frequencies,” read Actual Fact #18.)

Just as the Khaf-Re pyramid in Giza, Egypt is perfectly tuned with nature, so are our efforts and goals here at our Mir, Khaf-Re #45. We all possess the ability to transform, align ourselves with nature, and awaken the energy sources within us. Khaf-Re Mir #45 is a place where the vibrational fields of harmony, concern, and love move throughout its internal and external surroundings and permeate through all those who come into its presence.

We have the attributes of Khaf-Re, having a stable core, the ability to vibrate in perfect harmony with nature and the planet, and to transform when necessary. This gives us the unimaginable ability to achieve any endeavor we attempt and “a force to be reckoned with.”