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My Journey into Wu-Nuwaupu                     January 14, 2011


I was first introduced to Nuwaupu in 1996 when a friend who worked with me gave me a scroll to read. It was the only one he had. Then I met James Crandell in Williamston, NC at an herb store. When I told him about the scroll that my friend had given me at work, he said he had that scroll also and more. Not only did James have more, he had an entire suitcase full of scrolls at his home. He gave me seven or eight scrolls and I read them all. My interests led me to begin my own research. What I found was truth and reality in the teachings of Dr. Malachi Z. York. Eventually, I filled out an application and became a member of the Ancient Egiptian Order.

Before our land, TamaRe was destroyed, my wife and I visited four years in a row on Savior’s Day from 1998-2001. We were both extremely impressed especially the first year because there were approximately 50,000 people there that year. All four times our Master Teacher, Dr. York greeted me with a firm handshake and gave my wife a big hug. We posed for a picture with him afterwards and talked with him. That first year, 1998, we left for Eatonton, Georgia for the Savior’s Day Celebration on June 23rd and arrived on a Tuesday night about 11 that shadow hour. TamaRe was everything I had been reading about and more. I saw the Sphinx which was especially amazing. My wife and I took pictures in front of it. As we continued walking and looking around, we saw Isis. She was beautiful sitting up high and surrounded by lots of people. I also did the Maguraj once.

We met other Nuwaubians from all over the United States including Georgia, Philadelphia, New York and even West India. One lady from West India had flown over to New York and had driven from New York to TamaRe. She spoke about Nuwaupic and the Nuwaubians in her country. We also met three doctors, Dr. Thompson, Dr. Bright, and Dr. Kimbrough. All were medical doctors. We also took pictures with them as well. All were very cordial and down to earth.

As I think about it now, TamaRe was our town, our land, like China Town, Jew Town, and Little Italy. It was good to be around people like me who spoke Nuwaupic, looked Nuwaubian and walked in truth and facts. Since then, I have met many Nuwaubians who never had the pleasure of meeting our Master Teacher, Dr. York or walking on our own land of TamaRe. I feel especially blessed that I had that opportunity and am able to share it with others who were not as fortunate. It is a part of my journey that will never be forgotten.

By Amen Ra

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