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My Journey into Wu-Nuwaupu                     Oct. 28, 2011

As I begin to reflect on my way back to where I belong which is Wu-Nuwaupu, I am reminded of how a past journey of black studies while teaching during that time, gave me an aroma of wanting to know about my culture, my history, and my peoples experiences of the past. I felt that I was led in that direction which was short lived because after those few workshops, I was left hanging like watching a wonderful movie without the ending. I was very disappointed especially in the school system where I taught in Washington, D.C. that would not accept Africa as a beginning in the curriculum studies but multi-culture instead when my African Studies instructor approached the school board with this exciting idea.

After retiring from teaching, my direction led me back in school to get another degree in a different field altogether which is Interior Design. While there, I met a student in my same field of study who approached me while we were in the same room together.

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We introduced ourselves and found that we had a few things in common. We exchanged numbers and became friends. One day she asked me if I would like to go to classes to learn about our culture. I was eager to go and kept asking when were we going? She finally took me to the class and there were people taking turns speaking and answering questions.

There were also many books of which I was ready to dive into for questions I wanted answers to. As I got more into the doctrine, my outlook on school had changed as well as who was running this system. No longer did I feel comfortable in the world of illusions. My eyes have been opened like never before and now I know that I can never go back to the way it use to be. I mean delusions have no place in my life when realities reveal what is. I need facts, truths, and confirmation to satisfy my soul for truth. Without it’s like walking a tight rope without a net to catch you. That’s a bit too dangerous for me. Blind faith won’t catch me that’s for sure! Again, I felt led to an open door of another path that was chosen for me. Little did I know how much my thinking would dramatically change as well as my outlook on life.

I am grateful to be in the company of those who have no illusions about who they truly are as a people by the doctrine of what is  expression about what is real in the true scheme of things of the past and the healing it brings in knowing the greatness of where you came from. What an awesome history it is. No longer will you accept a back seat to just accept things without question. Accepting of another way of life conducive to who you are, makes you free in mind, body, and spirit. When your eyes have been truly opened, there’s nothing that can close them.

By Hira Nebt Ankh

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