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Rahubaat...my name is Leonard Gilbert. My journey to Nuwaubu started way back in 1962 while attending summer bible school in Houston Tx. I was ten years old. We were reading the bible in the book of Genesis. We were task with explaining the verses that we read. I read Gen. 1:26 and explain to the teacher that if we are in the image and likeness on God then he must have a body with arms, legs and the whole nine yards. My explanation was based on Webster's definition of the words image and likeness. However the teacher thought that my explanation was incorrect and became very irritated with me. She grabbed me by my ear shouting that God is a spirit and marched me to the Deacon's office, labeled me as a trouble maker. Now as a kid I did not understand why she acted the way she did. She could have just told me that my explanation was incorrect and explained why. Over the years this incident inspired me to look for answers to my questions, for my view was that between religion, science and history, one or two of those categories is a lie.

I read many books about ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, Mayans to name a few. I read Erich Von Daniken's Chariots of the Gods, Gold of the Gods that really raise my curiosity level. I listen to many black authors and historians such Dr. Asa Hilliard III, Dr. Ben Jochannan, John Henry Clarke and many more. All of them added value to my quest but they could not make the bridge between religion, science and history. One day while I was at work, a gentleman by the name of Richard Barefield (who has passed on now) heard me talking and gave me a book to read. The book was titled "Who was Jesus Father". When I read that book I had what I called a DNA explosion. I didn't even own a bible at the time and had to get one to verify what I was reading. I asked Richard did he have anymore books by this author and he said yes. I read every book that he had. I then wanted to know where could I get more books by this author and he directed me to the only book store that was in the city of Houston. When I arrive at the store I did not see any of Dr. York's books on the shelf, so I ask the brother did he have any. He looked at me with a strange kind of look and walk in the back room and came out with a handful of books. He also told me that an elder name Eli was opening a book store and will be teaching class. He gave me the address and I went by there but the store was not open yet. So everyday when I left work I would ride by the store to see if it was open and finally it was. When I walked in I was very impressed and brother Eli started asking me questions, most of them I could not answer. So he invited me to take a seat and started teaching me. He lite a fire under my butt that is still burning today.

However, there was no greater experience than when I first met Dr. York and listened to him teach in person. For he was the only one who let the bridges down between religion, science and history, and made them make sense. This is my journey to Nuwaubu and I will always hold on to the rope.

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