Our Mission Statement


Our mission here at the Official Nuwaubian Center is to create a venue whereby essential tools and outformation to Sound Right Reasoning, Right Knowledge, Right Overstanding, and Right Wisdom are readily accessible to fellow Nuwaubians and to all people worldwide who seek facts and truth.


Our purpose is to provide updated and current outformation dealing with the Nuwaubian Nation and our Master Teacher, H.E. Dr. Malachi Z. York.


Our website offers an environment in which the participant can actively engage in discovering or expanding his/her knowledge of our Master Teacher’s vision and insight through online DVD’s, CD’s and his more than 500 publications/books provided to the world during the last thirty years.

Viewers also have an opportunity to connect or reconnect with other Nuwaubian family members who have been in the mission for many years.Inside the center, the user will find a variety of options, such as, our Nuwaubian Lounge, Facts and Truth, and Black Light Communit Call links.


It is our hope that this site will culminate in a rekindling and renewal of your “inner being” and give you the resources necessary to prepare yourself to find your rightful place in the Omniverse.


            You are “Me” and I am “You”
            We are not “Us”, we are “I” ONE

                                                            ( from Pa Ashutat )