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Upon Selecting Renee
(My Name) Title - Part I

Nuwaupu has taught me so much about the world and myself. One important thing I have learned is that words have tremendous power and my name or title is a tone or sound of music that is vibrating. It becomes me or I become it. It links me to other vibrational forces on that same tone, whether good or evil, therefore it was imperative that my selected name (title) attain the desired result.

Whenever I want to avoid making an impetuous decision, I always consult the ancestors, then, I listen and wait for them to lead me to the answer. I wanted a name (title) that would not only exemplify whom I felt I was, but would also have a rhythm of musical tones that would surround me with a continuous flow of positive energy and vibrations.

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When the name came forth out of my psyche, I knew it was the one. How could I possibly go wrong with the gifts of musical tones of our ancestors’ titles. My search was over; I selected Ra-et Merit Seshat, the deities who embody creativity, music, writing and measurement.

Ra-et, the creative power in me, has been and is always active in every aspect of my life. Even before my journey into Nuwaupu, she was a part of my nature. I have always been told that I am creative, but it is just who I have always been, so I never perceived creativity to be anything special that could not be achieved my anyone, but I soon learned it is innate. I enjoy being imaginative, seeing things in new ways, generating new ideas and possibilities, and solving problems. I am content when my environment is simple, organized, and quiet in my small, humble African hut which I decorated to express the beauty of Africa. I like the vibrations of animal prints which are associated with the Neter, Bes, the deity who is the protector of women and children. Upon entering my hut, it becomes obvious that I am representing and honoring the Motherland, my ancestors, and all those who came before me as the first humans on this planet earth, but my true satisfaction lies not in possessing external objects, but in attaining health for my inner spirit, striving to make myself better mentally and physically, and being of service to others who have the same goals. The Ra-et in me gives me a great deal of pleasure, but my pleasure is short-lived when my thoughts drift to our Master teacher and all he must be going through, having no pleasure and only one hour of sunlight per day. It really saddens me.

Merit, the one of music, is my voice and heartbeat that resonates in my entire being. Music is a part of my soul and it has always been a major part of my life. Back in the day, I played and sang professionally, and still today, there is so much music in me. In fact, my poems on this website are actually songs that I created while driving 10-11 hours back and forth from Tennessee to North Carolina for nine months to attend classes before I moved permanently to North Carolina. My plan is to record them one of these days when I find the right venue and the time. I find the Merit in me to be spiritually uplifting, inspiring, relaxing, and entertaining.

Seshat, one of writing and measurement, exudes much passion. The Seshat in me enjoys writing and sewing. I published my first, and probably my last, novel last year, and it was a painless but very tedious process. Writing requires much skill, hard work, imagination, creativity, strong opinions and plenty of pleasant and unpleasant life experiences from which to draw ideas. I certainly have had my share of both. Now the only, but most important, writing I do now is to fulfill our mission here at annuhassa and that is to set the record straight about our nation and our Master Teacher’s legal case.

Now the measurement part of Seshat enjoys sewing and, or course, sewing requires accuracy in measurement. Measurement can also mean analyzing and evaluating concepts and personalities of people. The garment must fit the personality of the person for whom it is designed. When I performed professionally years ago, I made most of my own outfits and sometimes for the entire group or certain members of the group, albeit, I prefer not to sew for others, only special people in my life to show my Ashuq (love). Right now, I am working on perfecting the kufi, or fez, and making unique head wraps. I also made pillows using animal prints for the decor in my African hut.  I have always been fascinated by taking a piece of material and seeing it turn into a beautiful garment. This requires good hand-eye coordination, artistic talent, imagination, an eye for fashion, patience, and a strong back, but the final results are worth the effort.

Anyone who knows me will attest to the fact that these three titles fit me perfectly on this physical plane, however, I await the moment when our Master Teacher, looks into my eyes, straight into my soul and gives me my sacred tone (title) that he whispers from his mouth to my ear as it should be, and I know it will be soon, but not soon enough for me! Until then, it’s Ra-et Merit Seshat, the strong, respectful, and humble Nuwaubian women who stands on the backs of my ancestors with honor, pride, and focus pointed towards the Orion Stars.

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