Our Four Principles - Wu-Nuwaupu Wu-Nupu Asu-Nupu Naba-Nupu

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The Amun Re Institute Worldwide is fortified by the strength, duration, success, proficiency, courage, harmony, concern, dynamic, and sound right reasoning of the fruits of its labor called Nuwaubians/Nuwaupians.  Sound Right Reasoning is of three characters presented.  “Sound” creates the ability to be felt by the senses.  “Right” administers the character of just and divine, especially in view of a child questioning who wants facts.  “Reasoning” is the ability of putting energy in motion, where the soul is involved.  Sound Right Reasoning is Nuwaubu, the spiritual science of Nuwaubians and it is broken down into three parts: Right Knowledge, Right Wisdom, and Right Overstanding.  Right knowledge is to know and experience growth of attainment.  Right Wisdom is being wise in all decision making with proper utilization.  Right Overstanding is being in control with knowing how to use information to the bes of your benefit with the knowledge to be a teacher and the wisdom to be the student.  Masonically, Operative and Speculative are at work, as well as the Subconscious and Conscious Mind also.  To go into the four principles of the Amun Re Institute will capture again what Nuwaubu is and will always be.

Wu Nupu is “Atum-Re”, the first born deity of Nun.  Atum Re’s nome is Het-Ka-Ptah, whose triad was:


Atum Re is the appearance of the look of the sun coming up that is of understanding (Sunrise), but the Amun Re Institute knows also overstanding that the Earth is turning continuously around the Sun along with other stellar formations in space and that the sun does not rise as well as the planet Earth.  Atum is called in English “Atom”, the building blocks of Man (Genesis 1:26) and elements, also is the beginning part of the word “Etymology” (Atumology)

Asu Nupu is “Aton-Re”, the second born deity of Nun.  Aton Re’s nome is Annu, whose triad was:

Asaru - Two of Asaru’s nomes “Usir”; “Osirus”, where the term “Sir” comes from this in meaning ‘Archaic Father' and Asaru, to many of this world, is archaic.

Aset - Asset comes from Aset’s nome, which means “Throne”, and Asset means “Property”; “Ownership”.  Aset’s only begotten son sat on her in many depictions, paintings, and statues around the world which is called a “Throne”, and this begotten son owned up to his mother in the prominence given by Man across the world; even to be brought in to what the term “Mason” really means of two terms-“Ma”=short term for Mother and for what ancient Egyptians called water of what humans come out of their mother’s womb of water/”Son”=depicting the child of this great union;   and this is none other than Haru.

Haru - I Chronicles 7:36 (Harnepher): means “Horus (Haru) is good (mercy)”

Aton Re is the appearance of the look of the sun at the zenith position in understanding, but the Amun Re Institute knows also overstanding that Noon, for what the position of the sun at its zenith point to Man, is copied from the Egiptian Mysteries of the deities Nun and Nunet and the feats of noon are a-ton of many tons of rays (Re’s) of the sun beaming on Man.  Also, “Atone” is from Aton.  The 3 colors, red, white, and blue are copied from this nome’s triad of Aton Re by many countries’ flags and the U.S.A. also has aligned with calling themselves after the nome for the eye of Re (Ra) called “USA”. 

Naba Nupu is “Amun-Re”, the third born deity of Nun.  Amun Re’s nome is Nu-amun whose triad was:


Amun Re is the appearance of the look of the sun going down at its evening, with the cooling at this time of day to be in understanding (Sunset), but the Amun Re Institute knows also overstanding that the Earth is in rotation around the sun and does not move to set as well as the planet Earth.  Keeping in mind, the sun is an ever spectacle to Man’s eyes after making one wise.  Amun is found in all three of the known religions: Christianity, Judaism, and Islaam as portrayed after their prayers.  Also Buddha’s former nome has Amun in it: ”Sakyamuni”, which means, “Silent Sage of the Sakya Tribe”, and Amun simply means “Hidden Wisdom”.  Biblical scriptures acknowledges “Faith” as through works: ‘Faith without works is Faith in vain’ (James 2).  Credible as it may be for such a long time, the English alphabet nursery rhyme said mechanically by wrote memorization in school caused the letters “L-M-N” to go unnoticed in unknowingly hiding Amun’s nome (Amen) again and this is incredible. 

Wu Nuwuapu is “Anun-Re”, the cosmic; the abyss; the All; Goddess=God is; before the Sun called Re was Atum, Atun, and Amun; making it the creator of all suns in all and suns in Man; the primordial darkness; triple darkness in the womb of the Mitochondria DNA woman; the Black light before all colors became; scientifically called Dark Matter, but only to be respected in the nothingness before something became of the scientific chart of Hydrogen to Einsteinium; and to overstand that Anun-Re exemplifies the first nurturing and meal of all babies. 

Wu Nuwaupu gives the fact that one should “believe to not believe”; it is the spoken word to confirm Sound Right Reasoning.  Ma’at and Tah=Divine Justice for the Planet Earth.  Right Education is a Nuwaubian Education that stands on a right frame of mind in all facets of education in not deceiving or leaving out any parts of a known story. Ourstory starts with Herstory and then to History, because Right Education will teach the facts that have been left out of history to encompass in ourstory of the prime factor, which is the female. 

Wu Nuwaupu, the Nuwaubian University called the Amun-Re Institute Worldwide, is to set the stage and outline the facts and procedures necessary for restoration of our Nuwaubian culture and our true way of life.  To scope the origin of any and everything, the codes and laws that govern life, and the pursuit of facts on top of facts is the aim for Wu Nuwaupu.    

Wu Nuwaupu has no time to waste anymore in letting down the one and only who came in 1963, the Master Teacher, Amun Nebu Re Akh Ptah, now known as Dr. Malachi Z. York, who gave beyond record of any to ever come for the restoration of Man the ability, courage, harmony, respect, and passion of peace for the science of Nuwaubu to the “Nasi”(known Black seed), the “Namu” (known Yellow seed), the “Hamu”(known Brown seed), and the “Tama’hu”(known Red or Pale seed).  Preparation has been set for over 40 years for this day and time to answer the hardest of questions and giving the easiest of expressions.  There can only be one Master Teacher, with a myriad of student teachers distributing Ma’at on the Planet Earth.  Join in to the Amun Re Institute Worldwide www.annuhassa.com and set a new agenda to deliver the hidden wisdom of the great Amun Nebu Re Akh Ptah to your heart and mind.